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    Hot/cold is a gambling game played between a Host and a better. The Host is first traded a bet, then the total bet multiplied by two is called out before planting a Mithril Seed, after the trade has been accepted of course. The host will ask the better's prediction before planting and if it is correct they will receive 2X their bet. Although, there are multiple outcomes that a Mithril Seed can produce.This is where [Eiio] official rules come into play. As most Clans do [Eiio] also takes a RedYellowBLue/Multicolor/RYB/Rainbow as automatic Host win. This gives the Host a chance of survival from Pyramiders. There is also a "rare" chance of a White or Black flower. Although many clans treat these special and give out prizes/X4 for these rare plants [Eiio] does not (likely to change towards the growth of the clan) as of now W/B flowers will cause the Host to replant a new flower while also going by the better's "first" prediction.

    Cold:Blue/Purple/Pastel Hot:Red/Yellow/Orange Host Win:Ryb/Rainbow(not pastel) Replant:Black/White(Any multi-colored plant after Black/White which includes pastel is a host win)

    Example: Better trades Host 1M. Trade accepted. Host calls out 2m pot Hot/Cold? The Better decides on hot. The host plants and its Blue. The Host keeps the bet as his winnings.

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