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    Post  Lord Talrus on Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:47 pm

    Abc Flowers

    Many Clans play this in a variety of ways. But {Eiio} plays it their way! This game consist of a Host and two betters who will be put head to head. Once the Host receives both bets he himself will plant "Both" Flowers. The first flower is ALWAYS the "First" better's plant. The better with the best plant depending on the Alphabetical order wins the pot with a 10% deduction for the Host's earnings.
    Abc Flower Order Greatest to Least: Black>Blue>Orange>Pastel>Purple>Rainbow>Red>Yellow>White

    Example: Two betters place a 1M bet. The Pot is called as 2M, First better plant is a Red, The second better is a purple. Better Two wins the 2m Pot. Host trades 1.8M to the winner 10% fee= 200k.

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