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    *Flower Poker-Rules* Empty *Flower Poker-Rules*

    Post  Lord Talrus on Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:56 pm

    Poker right? Not quite

    Flower Poker or FP is a game where both the host and better go at it. The best flowers out of 5 wins! Who ever has the most pairs is the winner! But there is also the predicament where a flower is planted 3 times. People refer to this as 3Oak. Although in real poker 3Oak would beat a 2p and 1p (two pair one pair) With eiio 3Oak loses to 2P, this comes up often and is argued over many times! There is also 4Oak and a Full House, A full house is all of one color *NOT* one of H/C all.

    Ex: The host and better both plant 5. Better gets 1 Yellow 2Orange 2Purple. The Host gets 3Pastel 1Yellow 1Blue. By [eiio] rules the winner is the better 2P>3Oak

    Ex2:The host gets 4Yellow 1Red. The better gets 2Red 2Blue 1Yellow. 2P=4Oak replant is needed. The better replants and gets 5Blue. The host replants and gets 4Red 1Pastel. FH>4Oak

    Extra:Black/White do *NOT* have special meanings they should be treated the same as any other flower. 2Black =1P not 2 or 3P.

    Any question regarding an argument can be posted below and settled here, without the use of vulgar language.

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